Weatherford Announcements

Women Connect – June 12th

Normally we meet the 1st Tuesday of each month, in June we will meet the 2nd Tuesday due to us having a booth at the rodeo. We meet to get to know each other better and encourage each other in Christ. This month we will be meeting at Rosa’s Cafe @6:30pm. Please RSVP (call or text) Diane Darcy at 817-456-9694.

We are updating our records

We’re in the process of updating our records! Not sure if yours are up to date? Would you mind taking a minute to head over to and let us know of any changes?

Center of Hope – June 12th

On Tuesday, June 12th, we will be serving lunch at the Center of Hope. Set up begins at 9am and will be finished with clean up around 2pm. Come and join us the entire time or even a part of the time as we love on and serve those in our community. If you are wanting to be a part of this great serving time, write “Center of Hope” on your connection card today and drop it in one of the Giving boxes.

Tattoos at the Rodeo – June 5th -9th

YEEHAW! In just a little over a week, will be the rodeo! We have a booth and we’re going to be Temporary Tattoo-ing up the kids! Come and be apart of being the church in the community! Pick a day, Tuesday thru Saturday, to put Tattoos on kids from 6-8pm, and then stay and watch the rest of the rodeo! To help serve, put “RODEO” on your connection card today, along with the day you’d like to serve, and drop it in the Giving Boxes.

Weatherford Weekly Activities

Weatherford Weekly Activities
ACTS (Adults) – 3rd Tues, 6pm @ Palio’s Restaurant
Women Connect – 1st Tues, 6:30pm @ Rosa’s Cafe on Main St.