What would it be like to do ministry like Jesus and his disciples today?

“Jesus appointed 70 (or 72 is some manuscripts) and sent them in pairs ahead of Him to every city and place where He Himself was going.” Luke 10:1 (NASB)

Jesus sent them into the harvest field, and he asked the 70 to pray for more laborers to be sent into His harvest field. Jesus makes the same plea to us today…to send more people to the communities, towns, cities and places all over the world to prepare the way for Jesus to come and save people?

At StoneWater, we want to model our church planting strategy like the New Testament. Our plan is to go from one region to the next to:

  1. SPREAD the gospel rapidly by sending waves of specialized ministry teams to an entire region.
  2. MAKE disciples of Jesus who are saved, baptized, and discipled.
  3. TRUST God to call men and women out of the harvest to be trained for church leadership.
  4. ORGANIZE new churches with the new believers and their own trained leaders.
  5. TEACH the new churches how to function as a biblical New Testament Church,
  6. MOVE to a new region and start the process over,
  7. CONTINUE to strengthen the new churches and have a close relationship with them.

We are praying that God will call men and women out of StoneWater Church to be sent as missionaries to the region around Breckenridge, TX. (Don’t worry! You do not have to move. You can drive there to minister and return home.) If you feel drawn by God to be on the team of 70, please complete the short application below, and Pastor Joey and his team will contact you.


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