Jeremy White

Lead Pastor

I grew up in Glen Rose, Texas playing football, basketball, and tennis. I went to college at Texas A&M and got a B.S. in Agriculture Development and a M.Ed. Agriculture Education. That’s right, I am a certified Ag. Teacher. College is where Jesus truly became real in my life. It’s also where I met Misti Fulton, and she rocked my world so I married her. I felt that God was leading me to serve Him in ministry, and prepared for my future by attending Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Post seminary, I served as a youth pastor at Lake Highlands Baptist Church in Dallas. It was during that time that God laid it upon my heart to start a church that would strive hard to reach young families. We moved to Granbury in June of 2005 and began StoneWater. A cool fact about StoneWater is that my brother Joey and I started the church together. I love what I get to do for the Lord and love the fact that StoneWater truly is reaching and equipping hundreds of families for Jesus every week.

Eric Wilkins

Sr. Director of Get In

I was born in Lumberton, North Carolina where I lived with my mom and dad for three years. Then life happened, and my mother and father split up. My mom and I decided to make the crazy move to Dallas, Texas, where I grew up. By God’s sweet grace I was saved and baptized at Lake Highlands Baptist Church in 1994. When I became a seventh grader, I fell in love with Christian music and began playing the drums. Jeremy challenged me to change things up and become a Worship Leader, so that’s exactly what I did. The summer before I was going to go play rugby at A&M, Jeremy approached me with this crazy vision of starting a church in Granbury, Texas. That’s when I finally began to realize that there is so much more to this life than my desires. While at Tarleton, I met the woman of my dreams and got lucky enough to marry her! It’s been our vision since the beginning to reach the unchurched. So as long as there are people who don’t know Jesus Christ, we will follow this journey!

Casey Oliver

Sr. Director of Get Strong

I was born and raised here in Granbury and began dating Lissa, my wife-to-be, in high school after a Young Life ski trip. We were active in sports and our church youth groups, where we accepted Christ. We both graduated from the University of Texas in Austin and moved back to our hometown where I became a City Planner. Shortly after, Lissa and I got married in Mexico in 2006. I thought I had life all planned out, and then God blessed us with 3 beautiful girls. At the time, our marriage was nothing like it should have been, and praise God He led Lissa and I to StoneWater in 2008. God used our very first Man Camp, an annual men’s event at StoneWater, to show me that His plans are greater than mine. I stepped into my role as the spiritual leader of my family. We have been growing closer to Him ever since and are continually amazed by His unending grace. I joined the StoneWater Team in 2012. Our family has been overwhelmed by His blessings, and we are excited for the way He has prepared for us.

Joey White

Sr. Director of Get Going

Glen Rose, TX is where life started for me. I could not wait to get out of there as a teenager, but now, I see Glen Rose as one of the coolest places to live and play. My wife, Lisa, and I are both Aggies. I graduated from seminary with a Masters of Divinity degree. Once God called me to be a church planter, I went back to seminary and earned a Doctorate of Ministry degree in Missions and Church Planting. What I learned the most at seminary was how little I knew when I thought I knew a lot. That is the story of my life! My family and I started StoneWater Church along with my brother’s family in 2005. Our goal from the beginning was to start as many churches in our lifetime as God would lead us to start. We give credit to God for everything good that comes out of StoneWater Church.

Justin Sprayberry

Sr. Director of Central Operations

I grew up in a small town (Atlanta,TX) where everyone knew everyone and everything about everyone. This was a bit of problem for me since I was a bit of a trouble maker in my younger years and to be honest survived only by the grace of God. After high school, I went to College Station to continue my pursuit of my own interests and what I thought would best serve me later in life. After graduation from college, when all the friends were gone, the job was not all it was suppose to be, and I had no idea how to make a relationship work, my life culminated into a perfect storm that led me to my perfect Creator. So, at the age 24, on my mom’s back porch, I surrendered the mess I had made of my life to Jesus. Immediately, I knew not only that God was real, but also that He cared. There was so much guilt surrounding things I had done which I had carried for years. That night on the porch the guilt was gone. I did not deserve it, but God rescued me from the mess I had created and over the next few years gave me a wonderful family, a job that is so much more than I could ever have imagined, and a relationship with Him that rocks. The road has not always been easy since that night on my mom’s porch but I have truly seen God remain true to His Word.

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