Evangelism in Breckenridge, TX

When: Summer, 2017
Who: Family Trip. All ages.
How Much: Free. Carpool and lunch together.
Contact: Russ Irwin, 817-564-6423, russ.irwin@stonewaterchurch.com

Type of work: We will hand out Bibles in neighborhoods and businesses and pray with people. StoneWater will be sponsoring a new church plant in Breckenridge.

Forward Training Center

When: All throughout the year you can join. You can serve by being a mentor to students.
Contact: Ron Buckallew, 817-776-7260, ron@forwardtrainingcenter.org

Type of work: Offering classes in Hood County: Jobs for Life, Computer classes for Excel and Word, Faith & Finance Class, GED, Adult literacy.

Kids Armor of Hope Camp

When:  June 12-16, 2017
Who: Adults & Teenagers (ages 16 and up)
How Much: Free
Contact: Dale & Christie Alexander, 817.219.2356, dale@lonestarfirespecialties.com

Type of work: We will be providing a camp experience to abandoned, abused, and neglected children. Need full-time counselors to stay all week. Relief counselors from 7pm-10pm.

“Hope-Moves Ministry” Homeless

When: Last Saturday of every month. Leaving Granbury at 9am. Finished around 2pm.
Who: Family Trip
How Much: Free
Contact: Jim and Linda Stacy, 817.559.1222, jimstacy5@gmail.com.

Type of work: Spiritual and Physical help to the homeless in East Lancaster, Fort Worth by giving away Bibles, food, and clothing.

Evangelism at Riverton, Utah

When: June, 2017
Who: Family Trip, (Kids 6 and up)
How Much: $700
Contact: David Allison, 817-366-2424, David.Allison@StoneWaterChurch.com

Type of work: We will be doing small construction work and evangelistic outreach events. This is a mission trip to a new church plant that StoneWater supports.

Literacy Training and Evangelism at City Church in Del Rio, Texas

When: March 11-15, 2017
Who: Youth and Adults (ages 12 and up)
How Much: $200
Contact: Rusty Hammond, 817-781-4701, Rusty.Hammond@StoneWaterChurch.com

Type of work: We will be doing small construction work, evangelistic outreach events and literacy training. The Student Ministry at the Weatherford Campus is leading this trip.