StoneWater Groups

Some things are just better together.

Each of us is created to be in relationship with others in community as we navigate the twists and turns of daily life. StoneWater Groups meet regularly to serve, to learn, to study, and to hear God’s Word. Designed for personal connection and spiritual growth, there are all kinds of groups at StoneWater at every campus. There is something for you!

StoneWater Groups are designed to create a safe environment to live an open and honest life before others who want to walk beside you through the mess and celebrate the victories. Let us help you find a group today!

Six StoneWater Group Types

  • Home Groups

    From Bible studies to social groups, there’s a place for you in Community Groups. Some things are just better together.

  • Campus Groups

    Similar to Home Groups, Campus Groups meet to study, learn, and grow together. Live life together—on your campus.

  • Activity Groups

    Love the great outdoors? Like to get moving? StoneWater Activity Groups are the place for you!

  • Serving Groups

    Dive into a serve group on your campus. From parking to singing, watching kids to teaching, there’s a serve group for you at StoneWater!

  • Student Groups

    Join with your peers and dive deeper into the Word of God. From 5th Grade through 12th Grade, there’s a student group for you on your campus!

  • Ministry Groups

    With guided curriculum and a classroom environment, Ministry Groups are designed for specific studies and topics. Find the one you need today!

Join a Group!

Click below for a list of available groups at StoneWater. Whether you’re looking to study, learn, serve, or grow, there’s something for YOU in StoneWater Groups!

Want More Info on Community Groups?

Start a Group

The Groups Team is here to help those who feel led to start a new group in their home. Grab a few friends, go to dinner, make a plan and start meeting regularly to study God’s word and share life as a community family. We have a Playbook and Community 101 study ready to get you started. Our staff is here to answer any questions you have about kicking off a new StoneWater Group.


We have a library at the Granbury Campus for all community groups to use. There are many resources and studies that you can check out for free! Just fill out the form in the library and return when you’re finished.

Is there a study you are looking for that you did not find? Send us an email and see if it is already checked out or if we can acquire it for your group.


A Community Group Health Check is designed to help you and your group continue to be more like Christ. It is important that your group understands and practices the truths of scriptures and the values of community at StoneWater Church. We hope this tool will help!


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Sign Up

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Group Leader Training

Prospective new leaders can gain insight into what community looks like. Click to get invited to the next leader training.


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Equip Your Group

CG Playbook

Get all your community questions answered with a Community Playbook!

Community 101

Community 101 is a short 6-study to set the foundation for new community groups!

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