Puerto Rico Mission Trip

About Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico is a US territory island that sits in the Caribbean. Their predominant language is Spanish but most people speak some English. It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and people who put their families first. After the hurricane, the island was without power for roughly 1-3 months and some parts STILL have no power. Their biggest concern is rebuilding and cleaning their streets so that everyone can return to work. The more time people are away from work the more the economy suffers.


Clean up streets, and homes of locals still living in the rubble of hurricane Maria all while presenting the love and gospel of Jesus. It is said that clean up could take up to 5 years or longer because of the damage.


(this is subject to change but will not be MORE than this) 1,000.00/person. (this includes airfare, lodging, food, transportation, and 2 hotel nights at the end of the trip). The Deposit will be 500.00 (per person even if it is a whole family) this will secure your spot on the trip. We will be providing you with a payment plan so that you can see how to save and when to make payments. WE DO NOT WANT MONEY TO BE THE ONLY
REASON YOU DO NOT COME! When the Lord leads you to something, trust He will provide for it, but it does take sacrifice. Pray about this trip and start saving!

Who can come?

We are opening this trip to anyone age 14 and up. This will be our first trip down there as a church and are looking to make a connection with some local churches for a longtime partnership. The IMB allows us to bring as many as 40 people and as little as 2 people, so whoever signs up is welcome.This trip is open to anyone who attends StoneWater Church.

Deadline to commit:

The deadline to commit to this trip (meaning you have given us your deposit and have signed up) is MARCH 25th. This does NOT mean you have all your money yet, but rather that I know for sure who will be there to tell the IMB. (EVERYTHING MUST BE PAID IN FULL TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO TRIP). The following payment for the trip will only be 210.00 and that will be due in April.

More Info:

For this trip we will be partnering with the IMB (International Mission Board). They have had teams going to Puerto Rico around the clock ever since Maria hit. They have partners with churches down there and will act as the “connection” between us (Stonewater Cleburne) and the locals down there. We will be staying in dorm like buildings and hitting different parts of the city every day. The last two nights and days of the trip will be dedicated to some R&R. We will be staying in a hotel on the beach but near some significant parts of Puerto rico. You will have the option of just relaxing at hotel or doing some preplanned sight seeing!

Info about Kelsey and June:

Kelsey and June are the worship leaders at the Cleburne Campus. June’s father is from Puerto Rico and she has spent two weeks almost every summer of her life visiting family there. When she heard about the hurricane hitting, they both felt like the Lord was leading them to help a place that is like home to them. They are SO PUMPED to be able to lead a team down there and help with the clean up!


For now if you have ANY questions/concerns please email June: june.barker@stonewaterchurch.com and she will get back to you ASAP. If you prefer phone call or text: 210-739-2114


Jun 02 2018 - Jun 10 2018


All of the day


$1000 / person

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