Meet the Speakers

Meet the Speakers

Meet the Breakout Session Speakers

Breakout Sessions are on Saturday
Pick one to attend at 11:15am and one to attend at 1pm

Sam Perry

Leading Your Family

Woody Hagar

The Hell With It

Tim Blackshear

Biblical Recovery

Rod Johnson

The Lost Art of One-On-One Discipleship

Mike Williams

Your Wife Is You Too

Micah Smith

How to be a Godly Dad

John Hosea

I’ve F*ed Up. Now What?

Fred Ibarra

Help! I’m Burned Out

Don Rogers

I’ve Screwed Up. How Do I Tell My Wife?

Charles Zschiesche

Spiritual Discipleship

Chad Zschiesche

Parenting Teenagers

Barry Stokes

Great Sex In Your Marriage

Brad Reedy

Oops, I Did It Again

Brad Mills

Being A Real Man Outside the Home

Casey Oliver

The Top 10 Leadership Tools for 2022

David Raybuck

What’s My Purpose?

Beau Mills

How to Lead and Love Your Wife Through Hard Times

Michael Carter

Being the Father your Kids Want to Follow.

Phillip Voss

How to Lead Amongst the Chaos.

Ty Dunn

Not Your Dad’s Breakout

Clayton Lowell

What Legacy are we Leaving the Younger Generation

The Schedule

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    Check In

    Man Cave

  • Friday 6:15pm


    Dining Hall

    Friday 6:15pm

  • Friday 7pm


    Worship Center

  • Friday 9pm

    Campus Groups

    Worship Center

    Friday 9pm

  • Friday Night

    Late Night Activities

    Man Cave

  • Saturday 7:15am

    Coffee with a Pastor

    Worship Pastor

    Saturday 7:15am

  • Saturday 8am


    Dining Hall

  • Saturday 9am


    Worship Center

    Saturday 9am

  • Saturday 10:45am

    Campus Groups

    Worship Center

  • Saturday 11:15am

    Breakout Session 1

    Various Locations

    Saturday 11:15am

  • Saturday 12pm


    Food Trucks

  • Saturday 1pm

    Breakout Session 1

    Various Locations

    Saturday 1pm

  • Saturday 2:15pm


    Worship Center

  • Saturday 3:45pm

    Campus Groups

    Worship Center

    Saturday 3:45pm

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