Places We’re Serving This Year

StoneWater Serves – Granbury Campus
Sunday, September 2nd, 5pm-7pm

StoneWater Serves is back and we are excited to invest in the neighborhoods or our community. If you are new to StoneWater, you are in for a real treat.

StoneWater Serves is a time where our entire church family Gets Going on a Sunday afternoon. We meet at the church at the normal service times on Sunday morning, select a team to serve with, and then head out into neighborhoods within the community later that afternoon from 5pm-7pm. We do all kinds of acts of service and kindness for those in need within the neighborhoods that many of our StoneWater families live.

What will we do?

Each year, StoneWater Serves is just a little different as we are constantly looking for new ways to impact our community for the Kingdom. This year, we want to invest in a few of the neighborhoods our StoneWater families live in. We are identifying champions to represent these different neighborhoods, and then building teams to tackle different types of service projects within those neighborhoods. We want to give you the best opportunity we can for you to develop a lasting relationship with the people closest to you in your own neighborhood. We know many of us don’t even know our neighbors, and we want to do something about that.

Once again, we’ll also serve the teachers and administrators of our community as school starts back up by stocking all of the teacher’s lounges with goodies and supplies. This has been a big hit in past years.

On Sunday afternoon at 5pm, you’ll simply show up to your designated project site, along with any supplies/tools that your leader has communicated you’ll need, and serve with your team for the next few hours. It’s that simple.

How will I join a team?

Teams have been formed and assigned to their location. But, you still have a chance to join a team. We have 3 locations that could still use volunteers. Simply show-up to one of these three locations at 5pm.

StoneWater Church – Granbury Campus, We will be remodeling a space within the building for a new Coffee House service.

HEB – We will be building gift baskets for all of our teacher lounges. Simply meet at the front of HEB in the sports/clothing section.

Granbury Place Apartments – 1525 South Meadows Dr., Join other families by throwing a block party for residents. Enjoy a bounce house, cooking hot dogs and more.

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