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Sunday, September 1

All campuses. All across the region.

When you serve, lives are changed

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My community group wants to sign up to serve for a project together. How do we do this?

Easy! Simply have everyone in your community group sign up for the same project. For some projects, space is limited, so be sure and sign up early! If your community group has a project, please submit that project under project submissions!

I am not a member of StoneWater. Can I still serve?

Yes! Serving is a great way to get to know the church and the community. We’d love for you to participate in Stonewater Serves to see if this church is the right fit for you and your family.

Serving is my calling. I’d love to do more!

Do you have a God-sized vision when it comes to serving? Then contact us here and we will get you ready for a supervisor role.

What should I wear on the day of StoneWater Serves?

Shirts are provided with a $5 donation and depending on the weather, you’ll be inside or outside, so wear for comfort.

Can I bring a friend?

Of course! Bring them the day of. We welcome everyone to hear the call of serving and to follow through.

What do I do with my children?

We will have StoneWater Kids open to those who are serving during this time. However, registration is required in order to have access. There are also kid-friendly projects if your children are older and would like to be involved in serving. StoneWater Kids Ministry, during StoneWater Serves, is for ages birth through Kindergarten only. Children 1st grade and up will be encouraged to serve alongside their parents.

I have materials and tools to donate. What do I need to do?

Awesome! Contact James Marcum and he will let you know what to do!

How long does StoneWater Serves last?

Each project is unique and will take different amounts of time. Check with your project supervisor for specific time frames around your project.

I don’t know which project is right for me. Help!

Need help choosing? No problem! Contact us and we’ll get you in touch with project supervisors who can walk you through the specifics of certain projects to help you decide which is right for you and your family.

Who can register to serve?

Anyone who wants to! We do not limit by age, although some projects are not appropriate for young children as they can be dangerous. Check with each specific project listing to see if it’s kid-friendly!

What if I don’t have time?

At StoneWater, we believe that the best way we can grow in our faith and learn is to remember that our time is God’s, and sacrificial giving doesn’t just mean our resources. Time is a way to give unto the Lord.

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