Project Goal: $4 Million

Progress: 52.5% ($2,100,000)

Granbury Campus » Completed Kid and Student Spaces

The Granbury Campus kid and student areas started construction in 2019. The renovations added rooms and spaces specifically designed for youth.

StoneWater’s Kid areas are called Little Campers (birth-2 years), Camp Stepping Stone (3 years-Kindergarten), and Wildwoods (1st-4th grades). Our student space is called The Lodge, and it is home for our 5th-12 grade students, which we call our Elevate students.

We have seen tremendous growth in our children and students as they feel at home in their new rooms. Construction was completed in 2020. Click through the pictures below to see these areas.

Granbury Campus » Completed Coffee House

The Coffee House is a special venue inside the Granbury Campus. It is home to the Coffee House service, which takes place on Sunday mornings, and serves an exclusive coffee blend to those who choose to sit in this venue.

The Coffee House expanded its’ seating capacity from approximately 120 seats to 230 seats after construction finished in 2020.

This space is home to several ministries every night of the week. Check out a few photos below.

Granbury Campus » Construction Phases and Blueprints

The Granbury Campus construction is taking place in three distinct phases. Phases One and Two included the kid spaces and Coffee House mentioned above in addition to construction in a couple of other areas.

Phase Three consists of a complete overhaul of the Granbury Campus Auditorium. Construction on this was supposed to have already started, but has been delayed until Spring 2021.

Construction will create approximately 500 more seats in the Auditorium so StoneWater Church can reach and equip more people with the life-saving message of Jesus Christ. In order to accommodate for more people, the Granbury Campus parking lot also needs to provide additional parking places. This is part of Phase Three too.

Blueprints and concepts for this construction is below.

Godley Campus Construction

The Godley Campus started construction in 2020 and is scheduled to completely finished in January 2021. The grand opening date for the Godley Campus is January 17, 2021.

The Godley Campus was built from the ground up. StoneWater Church purchased land with an existing house and barn on the property. Both the old farm house and barn are being repurposed for ministry spaces, and the auditorium is an entirely new structure.

Pictures that show how the property changed are found below.

Cleburne Campus Concepts

The Cleburne Campus construction will make space for a bigger Kids’ Ministry area and allow for better utilization of the hallway outside of the entrance into the campus. Construction for this is scheduled to start in 2021.

After completion, there will be enough kids space to allow the Cleburne Campus to open a new preschool.

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