On March 10 and March 17, 2024, we will have a unique teaching series titled “Alone With God.”

For this series, we are seeking one male to experience a seven-night retreat at a nearby Granbury ranch from March 3 through March 10, and one female to experience a seven-night retreat from March 11 through March 17.

The retreat will run from Sunday to Sunday, offering you a unique opportunity to connect with God. Rest assured, we will provide you with detailed instructions, a curated list of approved items to bring, and all the food you’ll need.

During your retreat and upon your return, you will be invited to share your insights on the following:

What you heard from God
What you discovered about yourself
What you learned from your time in solitude

If you’re interested in being considered for this life-changing “Alone With God” retreat, please complete the application form below and submit a video explaining why you’d like to participate.

For any questions, feel free to reach out to us at alone@stonewaterchurch.com.