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We truly believe that Jesus Christ changes lives and legacies! At StoneWater Church, we want to help you GET GOING on mission as God engages you to share the love and good news of Jesus Christ with others on various MISSION TRIPS around the WORLD. Come join us in the adventure of partnering with churches, organizations, and missionaries for this purpose. StoneWater World Missions will EQUIP and SEND you on mission where you will encounter and impact others with the love of Christ. As you serve with your team, you will become like family, doing life together on a mission trip. Let’s go REACH, EQUIP, and MULTIPLY for the KINGDOM!

Do I have to be a member or regular attender at Stonewater?2023-05-24T09:33:41-05:00

Ones do not have to be a member nor a regular attender at StoneWater Church. But to be on the safe side we do expect that a member or regular attender will vouch for you.

How do I prepare for a trip?2023-05-24T09:32:55-05:00

Pray! Begin having the discussion of going with God:

  • Where you should go
  • For the people/places you will be going to serve
  • For the team, those going with you
  • For the funds

Praying for people/places:

  • Practice asking God WHAT to pray
    • LISTEN—Practice LISTENING to God speak to us about what to SAY and
    • HOW to pray for opportunities
    • Let Him guide and talk to you while you are praying
  • Have a basic understanding of how to share the gospel
  • Be graceful to those around you especially if you don’t know them or their story
  • Give your: Time, Talent, or Treasure and then watch Jesus

Make some effort:

  • Find verses you would share with people about how God sees them. Verses about His love and how He will leave the 99 and how He wants to heal sickness
  • Have a simple way you share the gospel with someone in your own words and with your own story intertwined.
  • Read about missions and/or a missionaries life

Attend the various meetings for training and meeting the team and others interested in missions.

  • Information meetings: For those interested in World Missions, an overview of Stonewater Church trips and our approach to missions. Also a time to meet others of like interest.
  • Equipping meetings: Typically 2 meetings where the details and training are provided for a specific trip. A time and place to ask questions. Also, the time to begin building relationships with other team members.
What is a Visa and do I need one?2023-05-24T09:29:06-05:00

A visa is a conditional authorization granted by a polity to a foreigner that allows them to enter, remain within, or leave its territory. Visas typically include limits on the duration of the foreigner’s stay, areas within the country they may enter, the dates they may enter, the number of permitted visits, or if the individual has the ability to work in the country in question

You will acquire a visa when entering a foreign country from the United States. The visa should be carried with your passport while in a foreign country. You will need to have the visa with you as you exit the foreign country. The visa will be purchased prior to going through the foreign country’s immigration. If flying, the visa cost is usually included with the airline (airfare) fees. If driving, it will need to be purchased at the border; approximately $40 USD. You may need to surrender your visa upon exit from a foreign country.

Do I need previous experience?2023-05-24T09:26:46-05:00

No previous mission trip experience is required. You also do not have any specific experience to join us. Sometimes the best thing someone can do on a mission trip is to just show up. You will be surprised how God will use you! And what He will do to you!

Is it safe where we are traveling?2023-05-24T09:26:14-05:00

Safety is of the utmost concern on any trip just as it is in our daily life. StoneWater Church World Missions will make you aware of as well as train related to any possible unsafe conditions. The basic rule of thumb is always travel in groups and be aware of your surroundings. Women and children should always be accommodated by a man.

Can dietary restrictions/allergies be accommodated?2023-05-24T09:25:41-05:00

Any dietary restrictions and/or allergies can be accommodated. Please be sure to inform the StoneWater World Missions team leader, Coordinator and/or Point Person of your specific needs who will also inform the local mission organization.

What kind of lodging and food is to be expected?2023-05-24T09:25:00-05:00

One thing to keep in mind is that serving in a location foreign to us puts us in uncomfortable situations. This is a part of being on a mission trip as well as out walk with the Lord.

Lodging will vary depending on the purpose of the trip, the destination and availability of accommodations. The possibilities are dormitories, hotels or condominiums. Where possible we attempt to keep families and couples together but sometimes local accommodation limitations require lodging men and women separately.

Meals will be taken together and for the most part similar to the food we consume at home. So far, there has always been something edible for every taste…no one has gone hungry. There will always be the opportunity to try the local cuisine.

Do I need immunizations?2023-05-24T09:23:57-05:00

Normally coming from the United States we do not normally need immunizations. Should there be an epidemic in a specific destination the StoneWater World Mission trip information page will specify the need / concern. Also, there are several sites online that will provide this information, such as, the specific country immigration page, airline travel page, etc.

What if I don’t speak the language?2023-05-24T09:23:14-05:00

While it is helpful to know the language of the country where you will be serving it is not required. The mission organization with the help of fluent StoneWater Church participants to provide interpreters as needed. Also, keep in mind that English has become an international language, so most locals understand at least a little. Utilization of cell phone applications (Apps), such as Google Translate, are a great way to communicate. Also, there are many Apps that can teach the basics of the language…that is, common phrases.

How do I apply for a passport?2023-05-24T09:22:24-05:00

Application forms:

  • New (DS-11) – $165
  • Renewal (DS-82) – $130 – a renewal is required if the passport expiration date is within 6 months of the departure date from the foreign country
  • Lost or Stolen (DS-64) – required if lost or stolen as well as for replacing

Passports cost approximately $130.00 and are good for ten years. (Add $30 for the card) **costs can change. It generally takes 8–11 weeks to get a passport. If you don’t have a current passport, begin the process as soon as possible. Call or stop by your local post office to find out where to pick up an application. Or visit the following web sites:

  • https://www.usps.com/international/passports.htm#firsttime
  • https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/how-apply.html

StoneWater Church has a few of the DS-11 and DS-82 forms on-hand in the office. You will need the following documents and information for a passport:

  • A completed passport application. DO NOT sign; must be witnessed by a US Post Office (USPS) employee.
  • A certified copy of your birth certificate. (It must have the embedded government stamp. This is not the original with your baby footprints on it.)
  • Two identical 2” X 2” photos. You can have these photos taken at USPS ($15), CVS ($17), Walgreens ($17), Staples ($15) or Wal-Mart ($8) store.
  • A driver’s license.
  • You should also have your social security number on hand. (You don’t need the actual card, but just the number to put on the application.)

You will need to setup an appointment at a local USPS that provides ‘passport’ services. In the Granbury, TX area this is Acton USPS.

Do I need a passport?2023-05-24T09:19:20-05:00

Passports are required only if the mission trip destination is outside of the United States. This requirement will be defined on the trip / registration information page.

Will we do fundraisers?2023-05-24T09:18:44-05:00

StoneWater Church World Missions does not do fundraisers but can help guide you in creating your own fundraisers as well as education you on the process.

Can I contribute to someone else’s trip?2023-05-24T09:17:11-05:00

Yes. Please specify the mission trip either on the ‘Memo’ line of a check or, if cash, on the envelope; indicating:

  • Trip, such as, ‘Allende, MX Mission Trip’
  • Specific person contributing to
  • ‘Anonymous sponsorship’ if would like this to be anonymous’
Are trip donations tax deductible?2023-05-24T09:16:01-05:00

Payments made directly to StoneWater church are tax deductible if the mission trip is specified either on the ‘Memo’ line of a check or, if cash, on the envelope; indication such as, ‘Allende, MX Mission Trip’. Payments made through the National Christian Fund (NFC.org) are tax deductible as well. NFC should send out a contribution letter for the previous tax year contribution deductions.

Does StoneWater Church help with cost?2023-05-24T09:14:00-05:00

StoneWater Church provides additional funding to the mission organization for projects and other expenditures as the need arises during the trip. The predetermined participant / personal cost is the responsibility of the individual. With that being said, StoneWater Church may be able to help some individuals with some of the cost. There are 2 things that must be done by the individual requesting assistance:

  • Obtain a passport and provide StoneWater Church a photocopy
  • Fill out the online ‘Sponsorship Registration’ form
Is there a deposit required?2023-05-24T09:13:05-05:00

Payment in full or a deposit will vary depending on the mission trip. During the registration process some will require payment in full to complete the registration process, others will provide a link via email to National Christian Fund (NCF.org) where payments can be made in full or spread out over a period leading up to departure. Stonewater will monitor participant contribution and notify participants of any unmet payment deadlines.

What will we be doing?2023-05-24T09:34:52-05:00

The purpose of all trips is to support local ministries. How we do this is by first participating in some type of community outreach as directed by a local church. These can be events, such as, kid camps, street evangelism, door-to-door connecting locals to the local church, community events that draw locals that promote the local church. We also help with educating, training and encouraging the local leaders and staff of the local church. There is usually a construction project that helps the church, a church member or a specific need in the community.

What is the age group that can go?2023-05-24T09:09:39-05:00

The majority of the StoneWater Church trips are open to all ages. Those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.Parents should consider the benefit versus distractions of a young child for any trip; that is, will the parent themself not be able to participate at a level that enhances their experience. Some trips may have a specific focus for youth, women or men but even these may have couples participating in support roles. The details can be seen by selecting the trip that interests you.

How long does a trip last?2023-05-24T09:08:50-05:00

Most trips are for 1 week. Some can be a long weekend. The actual dates for each trip will be posted on the World Mission Page (missions.stonewaterchurch.com)

How do I apply for a trip?2023-05-24T09:07:29-05:00
  • Go online to the StoneWater Church World Mission Page (missions.stonewaterchurch.com)
  • Select Register for World Missions
  • Select the trip that interests your
  • Select ‘View Registration’
  • Fill out the registration information
Why go on a Mission Trip?2023-05-24T09:03:08-05:00
  • Because there is something about getting out of your comfort zone and letting God work through you and ministering to others that is at the heart of who God has made us to be.
  • We have to remember we are going to be uncomfortable – you may be cold/hot , sweaty, tired but the key is to realize it’s not about us but we are there to SERVE in our WEAKNESS. So push through, ask God for strength and watch Him do THE EXTRAORDINARY! As we GROW we GO!
  • To be the hands & feet of Jesus
  • 2 Corinthians 12:9-10

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