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Young Adult ministry at StoneWater exists for three reasons: to reach young adults in our community, help them find their people, and empower them to use their gifts. Young adults across StoneWater meet at our Granbury campus every Sunday night to connect with one another and to be a part one of the young adult groups meeting on campus. We also offer one young adult event each month with the goal of having fun and reaching young adults in our community. If you have any questions, reach out to
Am I too old? Or too young?2023-11-02T10:28:27-05:00

Maybe! Regardless of how old or young you may feel at heart, StoneWater Young Adult ministry exists for adults no younger than 18 and no older than 30.

Where do y’all meet?2023-11-02T10:30:14-05:00

We meet on Sunday nights at 6 o’clock in the Coffee House of the Granbury campus. Groups will break off and meet all throughout the building.

What if I come alone?2023-11-02T10:33:11-05:00

Perfect! This is the perfect place for you. We have a group that is specifically devoted to young adults who join us for the first time.

What if I’m married?2023-11-02T10:33:45-05:00

If you are under 30, it doesn’t matter if you are married or not – join us Sunday nights! Check out the group options specifically for you.

What if I have kids?2023-11-02T10:34:23-05:00

Amazing! Before groups start, bring your kids (birth-5th grade) down to Kids Ministry!

Do I meet with the same group every week?2023-11-02T10:35:40-05:00

Yes! All groups will hang out together and worship at the beginning of the night, and then you will break and meet with the same group week after week.

Do young adult groups meet every Sunday night?2023-11-02T10:36:40-05:00

Most every Sunday night, yes! Check back here for a semester calendar for a list of Sundays where we are gathering and for opportunities to plug in to other things happening at StoneWater.

Does it cost anything?2023-11-02T10:37:16-05:00

Heck no. We don’t want something from you, we want something for you!

Do I have to go to StoneWater on Sunday mornings to come?2023-11-02T10:38:31-05:00

Of course not! However, we believe that God has given you a spiritual gift that isn’t just for you, and it isn’t just for young adults – it’s for the church! We will always point you towards being involved at StoneWater on Sunday mornings and beyond, because it gives you the chance to use your gifts!

Do I have to talk to people?2023-11-02T10:39:51-05:00

You will be a part of a group that will be having conversations – but you can set the pace! However much or however little you want to talk, there will always be other young adults there to listen.

Will it be weird?2023-11-02T10:40:23-05:00

Only if you make it weird! What do you have to lose?

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