Executive Team

Jeremy White
Jeremy WhiteLead Pastor
Joey White
Joey WhiteChurch Planting Pastor
Justin Sprayberry
Justin SprayberryExecutive Pastor of Operations
Casey Oliver
Casey OliverExecutive Pastor of Ministries
Sam Perry
Sam PerryExecutive Pastor of Worship
Lara Whidden
Lara WhiddenExecutive Director of Communications

Advisory Board

Kevin Kolb
Kevin KolbAdvisory Board
Mike Williams
Mike WilliamsAdvisory Board
Monty Johnson
Monty JohnsonAdvisory Board
Tim Blackshear
Tim BlackshearAdvisory Board

Central Team

Clayton Lowell
Clayton LowellCentral Student Director
Beau Mills
Beau MillsCentral Men's Director
Stephanie Kirk
Stephanie KirkCentral Kids Director
Travis Alexander
Travis Alexander Central Welcome Team Director
Kiley Richards
Kiley RichardsSocial Media Coordinator
Misty Carter
Misty CarterCentral Preschool Director

Granbury Team

James Marcum
James MarcumCampus Pastor and Commission Director, StoneWater Granbury
Ty Dunn
Ty DunnPastoral Care Director, StoneWater Granbury
Adam Richards
Adam RichardsWorship Director, StoneWater Granbury
Abby King
Abby KingWorship Director, StoneWater Granbury Coffee House
Rylee Widner
Rylee WidnerKids Director, StoneWater Granbury
Erin Lloyd
Erin LloydWelcome Director, StoneWater Granbury
Janelle Beaty
Janelle BeatyCommunity Missions Coordinator, StoneWater Granbury
Brooklynn Carroll
Brooklynn CarrollPreschool Director, StoneWater Granbury
Chuck & Paige Kitchens
Chuck & Paige KitchensDirectors of re|engage, StoneWater Granbury
Brian & Sharon Miller
Brian & Sharon MillerDirectors of re:generation, StoneWater Granbury

Glen Rose Team

Phillip Voss
Phillip VossCampus Pastor, StoneWater Glen Rose
Kristi Perry
Kristi PerryWorship Director, StoneWater Glen Rose
Fred Ibarra
Fred IbarraCommission Director, StoneWater Glen Rose
Arlen Weishuhn
Arlen WeishuhnCare Director, StoneWater Glen Rose
Marc Elliot
Marc ElliotWelcome Director, StoneWater Glen Rose

Cleburne Team

Brad Reedy
Brad ReedyCampus Pastor, StoneWater Cleburne
David Raybuck
David RaybuckExecutive Pastor, StoneWater Cleburne
Matthew Esquivel
Matthew EsquivelWorship Director, StoneWater Cleburne
Jeff Hastings
Jeff HastingsStudent Director, StoneWater Cleburne
Heather Robles
Heather RoblesKids Director, StoneWater Cleburne
Jeremiah West
Jeremiah WestWelcome Director, StoneWater Cleburne

Tolar Team

Michael Carter
Michael CarterCampus Pastor, StoneWater Tolar
Jared Stone
Jared StoneWorship Director, StoneWater Tolar
Cindy Hardenbrook
Cindy HardenbrookWelcome Director, StoneWater Tolar
Lexi Weaver
Lexi Weaver Kids Directors, StoneWater Tolar

Godley Team

Micah Smith
Micah SmithCampus Pastor, StoneWater Godley
Tanner Marchel
Tanner MarchelWorship Director, StoneWater Godley
Meagan Morgeson
Meagan MorgesonKids Director, StoneWater Godley
Daniel Morgeson
Daniel MorgesonWelcome Director, StoneWater Godley
Paige Taylor
Paige TaylorPreschool Director, StoneWater Godley

Snyder Team

Cody Wall
Cody WallCampus Pastor, StoneWater Snyder
Nena Patterson
Nena PattersonWelcome Director, StoneWater Snyder
Karsten Morrell
Karsten MorrellStudent Director, StoneWater Snyder
Shelbi Leatherwood
Shelbi LeatherwoodStudent Director, StoneWater Snyder
Zach Leatherwood
Zach LeatherwoodWorship Director, StoneWater Snyder