Merge is designed to give engaged and seriously dating couples a unique opportunity to learn, seek wisdom, and receive counsel about marriage in a safe, fun, challenging and authentic environment. Merge exists to prepare couples for marriage by addressing common challenges in marriage from a biblical perspective. Whether you go to StoneWater Church, attend another church or don’t go to church at all, you are welcome in Merge.

Getting Married at StoneWater Church

Thank you for your interest in having a wedding at StoneWater Church. We believe marriage is a great gift from the Lord, given to us in order to put His greatness on display for the world (James 1:17, Matthew 5:14-16). Our greatest passion is for your marriage to bring God the glory He deserves. Marriage is one of the most important decisions you will ever make so we place a high priority on making sure you are prepared through counseling. May God bless you as you prepare for both your marriage and wedding day!

General Wedding Information

Certain areas are available for wedding and/or receptions to members of StoneWater Church who are in good standing. Prior to getting married, all couples must complete the Merge pre-marital class. Upon successful completion of Merge you will be issued a certificate to get a discount on your marriage license fee. Please email to schedule an appointment to discuss the Wedding Policy with a pastor.