Interested in Becoming a Member of StoneWater Church?

We believe membership is an important step in the maturing life of a follower of Jesus. The Bible reminds us that we are not designed to do life alone. We are to be connected to the body of Christ, to be part of a family, and use our unique gifts to grow His Kingdom.


What is Membership?2022-10-27T12:16:02-05:00

In the simplest form, it’s a way for your pastors and leaders to know who is in the family, who needs care, and who needs equipping to fulfill their purpose. It is also a commitment that you make to live out the truths of the scriptures with one another and be a part of a family of believers.

To Be a Member…2022-10-27T12:16:21-05:00

You profess to be saved by Jesus.

You have been baptized or are actively pursuing your next steps in baptism.

You agree with our 8 Essential Beliefs

You commit to following our 7 Family Values.

You will work to stay connected to the larger church body.



Your Pastors….2022-10-27T12:16:35-05:00

Commit to equipping you to become a disciple-maker of Jesus

Will work to care for your soul with all the resources available

Strive to follow God’s leadership as He leads StoneWater Church

How Do I Become a Member?2022-10-27T12:17:10-05:00

To become a member, attend our membership class called StoneWater 101. StoneWater 101 occurs on the first Sunday of each month during the second service at each of our campuses. You only have to attend once!

Click here to register for StoneWater 101.

What Happens During StoneWater 101?2022-10-27T12:17:40-05:00

You’ll have an opportunity to meet our Pastors and receive a direct line of communication to all of our leadership at the church. 

We’ll also share:

  • The vision, values, and beliefs of the church
  • What makes StoneWater unique
  • A better understanding of the commitment of membership
  • All the ministries available to serve you and your family
  • Ways you can connect with the church through groups


At the end of the class, we help you take your next step. This could include: 

  • Getting connected with our Baptism Team if you have not previously been baptized.
  • Connecting into a StoneWater Group. We have a variety of groups you may be interested in.
  • Answer any specific questions you may have about our leadership structure, finances, future plans, etc.


How Do I Sign Up for Baptism?2022-10-27T12:18:44-05:00

We believe the Bible represents baptism as an outward expression of an inward decision to place your faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. We practice believer’s baptism as further described in the link below. You can read more, talk with someone from the Baptism Team, or sign up for our next baptism event at

How Do I Sign My Kids Up for Baptism?2022-10-27T12:19:07-05:00

We have a unique team specially trained and experienced in walking with families through their child’s salvation and baptism.

Click here for more information on baptism for kids.

How do I find a group?2022-10-27T12:20:06-05:00

At StoneWater, we work to ensure that if you are part of a Group, you will be known and loved. We are created to be in relationship with others in community as we navigate the twists and turns of daily life. Groups are where we interact with God’s Word, pray and encourage one another with God’s Spirit, and carry out “the one anothers” of scripture with God’s people.


Click here to find a group. You will also see information about starting a group.

I Attended StoneWater 101, but Did Not Commit to Membership at That Time. What Do I Do Now?2022-12-17T09:45:46-06:00

We understand that at 101, you received a lot of information and needed time to pray and process. We believe it is wise to take your time and consider your commitment. If you’ve now decided to commit to membership with StoneWater Church, please email

I Attended StoneWater 101 but Haven’t Connected in a Group Yet. What Do I Do Now?2024-05-29T12:04:30-05:00

We’re so thankful that you want to continue to pursue finding a group here at StoneWater. We believe groups are the best part of being a member of our family. To find a group, just click on your campus below:
Glen Rose


What Are StoneWater’s 7 Family Values?2022-12-17T09:45:28-06:00

Our seven family values direct how we walk out encouragement and discipline within our church. The first four family values describe how we interact with each other, while the last three outline how we interact with the larger church body.

As a member of StoneWater, you are committing to do the following:

  1. Put the goals & interests of others above your own.
  2. Live an honest & open life before others.
  3. Give and receive scriptural correction.
  4. Clear up relationships.
  5. Participate in the ministry.
  6. Support the work financially.
  7. Follow spiritual leadership within scriptural limits.
What are StoneWater’s Essential Beliefs?2024-02-12T13:43:33-06:00

Visit HERE for our Essential Beliefs.

How Did the Church Get Started?

How Did StoneWater Get Its Name?

What is the Mission of StoneWater Church?

What is the Calling of StoneWater Church?

What Type of Church is StoneWater?

Family Values:

About StoneWater 101

  • When is StoneWater 101?

    Our membership class typically meets on the first Sunday of the month. Check out the dates by clicking REGISTER HERE below.

  • Do I have to register?

    No! You can just show up

  • What if I want to register?

  • Can my kids come?

    Yes! StoneWater 101 is a family event and kids ministry is provided.

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