Help Ministry is the place you go for Help.

We would be honored to help you in any way we can, no matter how big or how small. If for some reason our amazing church family can’t help, we’ll do everything in our power to connect you with people who can. We care about you and can’t wait to listen to you, pray for you and serve you with everything we have.

You are family, and taking care of the family is what we are commanded to do. We are honored you would trust us with your struggles, and we are blessed you’d allow us to serve you. We know every situation is different, every difficulty is unique and every story and person is special to God. We are here for you.It has already taken courage to consider asking the StoneWater family for help. Thank you, and please don’t stop here. We have an incredible team who would like to connect with you and hear so much more about your story.Because you are trusting us, and because you are allowing us to love and care for you, together we are sharing our faith with others. John 13:35 “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”

StoneWater Church is not a building or an organization. It’s a group of people, committed to living a life on mission for Jesus and walking out the truths of the Bible. The people of StoneWater are generous people who look to share their time, their wisdom, their experience, and their finances with those in need.

We accomplish this by helping build relationships between those in our communities who are in need and the members of the StoneWater family. If you are in need, we’d love to hear from you. We know we can’t remove all the difficulties in this world, but we’d love to connect you with amazing people within the church who are here to listen, pray with you, encourage you and help connect you to resources within the community and church family.

Because StoneWater Church is known for the generosity of our people, we receive lots of requests for financial assistance. Our staff team helps prioritize needs as they are received, and distributes financial assistance as available.

If you didn’t know, YOU are the church. It’s not a building, an office, or a professional pastor. It’s you, God’s people living a life on mission to love others. Thank you for taking a big step in being the church. We all know that we can’t do this alone, so the Help Ministry Team is here to guide and coach you all along the way. We’ll share things we’ve learned; we’ll connect you to helpful resources, and even better, we’ll walk alongside you every step of the way. Know that we are proud of you, and God will use each and every one of us to build His Kingdom.

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