Thank you for taking the first steps in pursuing auditions with the StoneWater Music Ministry! Please read the below information carefully before you begin to fill out your audition application.

If you play an instrument and you have a desire to be a part of the worship experiences at StoneWater, this is the place to get started! Our motto is “No Perfect People Allowed,” and that goes for all of us. StoneWater Church exists to reach people for Jesus Christ and to equip them to be committed disciple-makers of Him. We believe God has a plan for all of us, and we desire to walk with people and help them discover that very thing, even if they are still trying to figure out who Jesus is. We believe StoneWater is a safe place for discovery. It’s OK to be on the fence, and we also believe there’s a time to make a move. Our prayer is that no matter where you are today, you’ll make a move towards Jesus in our time together. After all, He moved towards you first!

Expectations for serving as a Band Volunteer

  • If you become a part of the team, you submit to the leadership of StoneWater Church.
  • Social Media is huge, and most of us use it a lot. We ask you to think before you post, and that your presence on Social Media will be one that represents Jesus, yourself, and SWC well.
  • If you are invited to play on the team, you will be expected to show a level of commitment that includes practicing ahead of time so that you’re ready for rehearsal, being on time, and letting your “yes be yes.” We ask this because when we are committed, prepared and punctual, we truly embody one of our values – Put the goals and interests of others above my own.
  • We believe that at StoneWater you can find Hope, Purpose, and a Place To Belong. We believe that in Groups, we find community and real relationships that move us closer to Jesus. Since that’s who SWC is, serving as a Worship Volunteer means you are in a Serve Group. That’s great! We also believe there is vital personal growth that can happen as a member of a Home Group. As an adult, we’d love to help you find one. If you are a student, we ask that you check out our Elevate Student Ministry to connect on another level with your peers as well. Check out our website at for more information on all 6 of our Group types here at StoneWater.
  • Not every worship opportunity is going to be on a big stage, so we really value humility and a willingness to serve wherever you may be needed.

What is the Music Ministry looking for?

  • Talented players who:
    • can (or learn) to play by ear
    • can (or learn) to play with a click
    • can learn music quickly when needed
    • play within a team
    • have a teachable heart and attitude and can receive input and feedback on their playing, tone, rhythm, etc.
  • Many talented musicians do not serve with the music ministry because they simply are not a fit stylistically.
  • Some of the ministries in which musicians serve in at StoneWater demand less skill than others, but all ministries require commitment.
  • Our preference is that individuals have a solid grasp of their skill, knowledge of the number system, and a good, general knowledge of their craft.

What is the process for Worship Auditions?

Complete the Worship Audition Form. You will find it by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. IF INTERESTED IN SINGING AND PLAYING, PLEASE FILL OUT THE VOCALIST APPLICATION.

Live Audition

  • Once we receive your application and we believe you are ready for the next step, you will be invited to a live audition within 4 weeks. The songs we’d like you to choose from are: Promises Never Fail (Bethel), We Praise You (Brandon Lake), Living Hope (Phil Wickham), and What A Beautiful Name (Hillsong).
  • The Worship Team facilitates all auditions no more than once a month.
  • You will play in front of (and possibly with) members of our worship staff. You may be asked to hear and play along with a brand new song to you. We’ll be looking for how quickly you pick up and adjust to a new piece of music.
  • In the live audition, we are looking for things like: note/rhythm/chord/timing accuracy, tone, comfort level, ability to adapt and adjust, etc.

Feedback/Next Steps

We will review your application before your live audition. At your audition you will receive one of three responses:

  • Let’s schedule you for a Trial Run with the team. This means that you’ll be scheduled to play two times. Afterwards, we’ll discuss if this is working well for you and for SWC or not and see if expectations for each of us are being met. We’ll make any adjustments needed at that time.
  • We would like you to work of something specific – rhythm, tone, chord accuracy, etc – and let’s see you again in 3-6 months.
  • We don’t think playing on the Worship Team is the best fit for you. (While this may happen, it is rare and an extremely difficult thing to say.) However, we are charged with shepherding what happens on the stage at StoneWater. As we lead and create, we seek to draw attention to Christ and lead others with excellence. In our years of experience, we’ve found that someone who cannot play accurately can actually be a distraction to the overall experience. We will be kind and gentle, and we will be honest. The fact is that there are many places to serve at SWC, and we want to help everyone be connected and serving in the place their gifts and talents best fit.

StoneWater Music Ministry BAND Audition Form

  • Fill out the form below.
  • You will receive a reply from the worship leader at the campus you specified indicating that we received your application and you can expect to hear from us within a week.

Questions? StoneWater Church – 817-579-9175