The StoneWater Church/Many Mansions Single Mom Housing Program Needs You!

StoneWater Church and Many Mansions have worked over the course of the last year to develop a single mom housing program, and we are finally nearing the end of the planning/building phase, and it is time to make some final touches and GO FOR IT!

The building of two of the units will be done this month, there is already one unit done on the property, and two more units will be done later in the year. This means we have 5 units that need adopting. The sooner we can get Nurturers and Case Workers, the better!

What is adopting a unit you ask? Let us explain what we are looking for…

Nurturers vs Case Workers



  • Stocking the fridge/pantry with condiments/necessities/staples upon move in for the participant.
  • Helping with Move in/Move out for family.
  • Providing supper once a month for the participant family.
  • Being a weekly Facetime or call to check in on the family and see if they have any needs, and communicating these needs to the Case Worker as needed if they cannot be met by the Nurturer.
  • Prayer cards for the participants to read that have been prayed over for them.
  • Furnishing of some sort for the house.
  • Linens/Towels/House Necessities upon move in to the residence for the participant.
  • Form a relationship with the family.

Extras to Consider:

  • Provide family games/activities for the families to keep.
  • Bring over some games/activities and do them with the family occasionally (we would love to see this monthly).
  • Help with finding/providing furnishings for the house if there is something they are without (FB Marketplace, Goodwill, etc.…)
  • Providing new linens/towels/necessities for the house if there is something they are without.
  • Take a mom on a coffee date or lunch.
  • Write notes of encouragement.
  • Send a text of encouragement when you know there’s a job interview or important doctor appointment or something.
  • Invite the family to church and to sit with you.

Make sure to expect nothing in return. These moms are STRUGGLING, and this program is extensive/intense. They are relearning life skills, parenting skills, and a dozen other things all at once.


Case Worker

(These are minimum requirements of a Case Worker)

  • 1 hour a week meeting face-to-face with participants going over budgeting sheet/receipts and accountability sheet. (up to 2 hours for the first week to get started)
  • Being the liaison between the Program Director (Amanda Shaw) and the participants.
  • Tracking that the rent and utility payments were made monthly.
  • Coming by a board meeting occasionally to update the board on the participant. (these board meetings are the 1st Wednesday of the month in Glen Rose.)
  • Checking in weekly with each participants via phone call.
  • Being available to participants during business hours in the event that they need to communicate in some way via text/call.
  • Being available to the participants in the case of an emergency after business hours.
  • Checking in every 3-4 weeks in person at the residence with each participant to evaluate the state of the house, condition of the residence, and see if the participant is in need of anything.
  • Mentoring the participants through the Single Mom Housing Program and helping them navigate the program and their current life.
Please select the button below that fits where you see yourself or your group and fill out the small application. 
Nurturer Application


Case Worker Application


If you, your community group, your individual family, or anyone else you may know are interested in helping in any of these areas, please reach out to our Program Director, Amanda Shaw, for more information or clarity on the subject. 

Amanda Shaw
(817) 313-8673