Gen. 2:18, Gen. 3:8, Acts 2:42, Prov. 27:17, James 5:16, Gal. 6:2, Eph. 4:15

Sunday, February 16

These next few weeks we will be diving into why God designed us to be in Community. We define Community as real relationships that move you closer to Jesus. When we are in biblical Community we will interact with God’s Word, His Spirit, and His People.

Big Idea: You were meant to be connected!

We find at least 3 things that Adam and Eve encountered with relationships in the book of Genesis. Let’s dive into these in our questions.

  1. Man and woman began to believe lies about God and each other. One lie was that God could not be trusted. Another lie was that God was holding out on them and a better life could be found outside of God’s instructions. Do I believe there are things I can not trust God with? Do I live in a way that shows a better life can be found outside of God’s instructions?
  2. Man and woman stopped listening to the voice of God. They began to listen to the voice of Satan, the voice of selfish desires, and later the voice of society. What voice am I listening to? Is there a voice that I am listening to more than God’s? How can I hear the voice of God clearly?
  3. Man and woman isolated themselves. They hid from God and each other. Before they were naked and felt no shame; now they felt shame and clothed themselves. The close connection to God and each other was all gone. What areas in my life do I keep hidden (isolated)? What is it that I need to share with God and His People?