Sexual addiction is a problem that doesn’t only affect you. It can impact your entire family system. If you’re ready to make a change, join us on a journey of discovery as we learn how to use the weapons God has given us to prevail against the enemy.
This program presents scientific facts to help you understand why the brain is crucial in this battle. Men in sexual bondage are perpetually stuck in a cycle of triggering, ritual, and acting out. Stop the cycle today and discover how to renew your mind, break destructive patterns, and find freedom.

Discover how to renew your mind and break destructive patterns.


I came to Conquer for one issue, but, a year later, I believe my marriage has been strengthened too. Better yet, my wife thinks our marriage is better! -David
I had tried everything to break this addiction. This problem destroyed my marriage and brought us to the brink of divorce. Through the Conquer Series and my brothers in Christ, I have finally found true sobriety. You can’t fight this alone! -Austin
Getting together regularly with the men’s Conquer group has helped me tremendously to live a life of holiness and purity before the Lord. -Brian
Everything changed when I began to pursue purity alongside other men. This isn’t a battle I could fight alone! -Kenny
It has given me a community of men that have walked or are walking a similar path seeking God and striving to be the best follower of Christ, husband, and father we can be. It has equipped me to not only fight for purity each and every day in my life but to fight for intimacy and transparency in my life and walk with Christ with others. It has taught me to be present and conscious of my thoughts and actions to counter the enemy before his attack lands in every area of my life. -Aaron
I was one Tuesday meeting away from losing my family and my entire life. By the grace of God, the accountability of my Conqueror’s brothers, and the love and support of my wife, I have finally been able to commit to recovery after 28 years of bondage. The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it’s connection. The cure for brokenness is love, and through Christ healing and restoration is possible. Martin
Deciding to walk through the doors of Conquer Series was one of the hardest things I’ve ever decided to do. Through those doors was a brotherhood I didn’t know I needed. It has shown me how to be a better person by unlocking secrets that I was never going to tell. The freedom of walking without trying to cover up lies is indescribable and the community of men in this group offers a safe haven not only for this walk, but to do life with in general. -Matt
When I had tried everything to stop on my own, God showed me I needed something larger than myself. The accountability and acceptance from the men at Conquer were what I needed to take that next step, growing closer to God and away from my sin. This group has built me up, more than just recovery from pornography, but also to be the man, father, and husband that the Lord has called me to be. -Matt
In the past year, the Conquer group has helped me completely change my life and marriage around. From a marriage on the brink of divorce and living a life centered around what I wanted, needed and desired, I am now truly walking on the path the Lord has set for me with Christ firmly on the throne of my heart. I have more peace, freedom and joy than I have ever experienced in my life and you can too if you have the courage to become a Conqueror. -Ron
The Conquer group is the reason why I am married today. This group of men is the true definition of authentic community and accountability. God has shown me the beauty and healing power of his grace through this group. The enemy wants us to believe we are alone and hopeless, but You do not have to be alone here, you have a group of brothers willing to be warriors alongside you! -Noah