Pray! Begin having the discussion of going with God:

  • Where you should go
  • For the people/places you will be going to serve
  • For the team, those going with you
  • For the funds

Praying for people/places:

  • Practice asking God WHAT to pray
    • LISTEN—Practice LISTENING to God speak to us about what to SAY and
    • HOW to pray for opportunities
    • Let Him guide and talk to you while you are praying
  • Have a basic understanding of how to share the gospel
  • Be graceful to those around you especially if you don’t know them or their story
  • Give your: Time, Talent, or Treasure and then watch Jesus

Make some effort:

  • Find verses you would share with people about how God sees them. Verses about His love and how He will leave the 99 and how He wants to heal sickness
  • Have a simple way you share the gospel with someone in your own words and with your own story intertwined.
  • Read about missions and/or a missionaries life

Attend the various meetings for training and meeting the team and others interested in missions.

  • Information meetings: For those interested in World Missions, an overview of Stonewater Church trips and our approach to missions. Also a time to meet others of like interest.
  • Equipping meetings: Typically 2 meetings where the details and training are provided for a specific trip. A time and place to ask questions. Also, the time to begin building relationships with other team members.