The Gift Giver’s Plan

Luke 1:25-26 NLT

Christmas, the season where just about everyone is asked the same question: “What do you want for Christmas?” The gift giver asks this of the receiver. But the very first Christmas a different question was asked. The Gift-Giver asked the gift receiver to be an active participant in the giving of the gift. The question was not: “What do you want” but rather “Will you be a part?” The Gift-Giver was choosing to allow the recipient to also be the gift distributor. Participation would not be easy. Participation would come with many unexpected challenges. But by choosing to participate in the Gift-Giver’s plan, the world, people’s lives and especially the participant’s life would never be the same again.

  1. What promise has God made that will come to pass if you step out and serve? (vv 30-33)
  2. What difficult thing is God asking you to do that seems impossible from your perspective? (v 34)
  3. What difficult thing is God asking you to do that you do not want to do? (vv 35-36)
  4. What is preventing you from saying yes to God’s request? (v 38)
  5. What, if anything, causes hesitation in your heart and mind from believing, “No word from God will ever fail?”
  6. Are you willing right now to say to the Gift Giver, “I am the Lord’s servant; may everything you have said about me come true?”