Sunday, June 28, 2020

In the Old Testament, Isaiah prophesied about the coming Messiah. Isaiah 35:5-6 tells about a time when “the eyes of the blind will be opened, and the ears of the deaf unstopped. Then the lame will leap like a deer, and the tongue of the mute will sing for joy.” When God the Son came to earth, He came as a Healer—removing skin diseases, raising the dead to life, making the lame walk, and giving sight to the blind.

John 9 gives us a glimpse of the kingdom of God, where creation is redeemed, and opens our eyes to the greater purpose of suffering in our lives. The disciples asked Jesus a question that many still wrestle with today: Why is this person suffering? (In this case, why was this man born blind?) Was it because of sin?

Jesus’ answer gives hope to anyone facing suffering: “Neither this man nor his parents sinned. This came about so that God’s works might be displayed in him” (John 9:3). Because Jesus is Lord over everything, all suffering in this life has meaning and purpose.

Miraculously, Jesus gave sight to the man who was blind. The man’s neighbors noticed the change, and he told them what Jesus had done for him. But the reaction of the religious leaders—skepticism and unbelief—reveals a different kind of blindness: spiritual blindness. Sin keeps us from seeing what is true about God. Jesus came as light into a dark world. He helps us see what is true so we can know God.

Our sin makes us unable to see the truth about God. Jesus came as a light in a dark world. He came to give us sight—true understanding of God and His kingdom. Those who trust in Jesus see who He is and worship Him.

Those who trust in Jesus are freed from sin and worship Jesus as Lord. We can live fully in the light of Jesus as we seek to make Him known to others so that their eyes might be opened to the truth of the gospel as well.


  • Babies and Toddlers
    • ○ Jesus healed a man who could not see.
    • ○ Jesus’ friends thought the man did something wrong to be blind.
    • ○ Jesus said the man was blind to show God’s power.
    • ○ Jesus helps us see what is true about God.
    • ○ God created people for His glory.
  • Preschoold
    • ○ Jesus healed a man who could not see.
    • ○ Why did God create people? God created people to love Him and give Him glory.
  • Kids
    • ○ Jesus gave sight to a man who was blind. 
    • ○ Why did God create people? God created people to worship Him, love Him, and show His glory.
  • Isaiah 53:4-5 
  • “The Sermon on the Mount” (Matthew 5–7)

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