What is the Kingdom of God?

Elements of a kingdom

  1. King (in order to have a kingdom, you must have a king)
  2. Rule (the king has to rule the kingdom)
  3. People (you cannot have a kingdom without people or citizens of the kingdom)
  4. Will (the king makes decrees or laws that the people follow)
  5. Land (in order for a kingdom to exist there must be a land that the king and the kingdom citizens posses)

Think about the elements of a kingdom, do you know your role in the kingdom and are you actively pursuing it?

Enemies of the kingdom

  1. World
  2. Devil
  3. Flesh (desires)

How have you seen the enemy of God’s kingdom at work around you recently?  What is your response to what you have seen or felt?

Edicts of the kingdom

  1. Love God (the King)
  2. Love People (citizens of the Kingdom)
  3. Expand the Kingdom (Fulfill the Great Commission)

Considering the edicts of the kingdom, how are you doing at loving God, loving people and expanding the kingdom?

In regards to expanding the kingdom, would you consider taking a step out as part of the King’s family and helping with the church planting efforts in Tyler?  Gather together as a family, a group of friends or your small group and sign up for one of the outreach weekends to serve and do your part to fulfill the Great Commission that God has called us all to.  (register at the link below)