Man Camp FAQs2023-12-22T11:41:06-06:00

MARCH 1-2, 2024


Dress Code?2023-11-21T13:28:33-06:00
  • We’re all about comfort and “StoneWater Style.” Wear whatever makes you feel at home.
Everyone, remember to pack:2023-11-21T13:27:57-06:00
  • Your trusty toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste – you know the drill).
  • A trusty towel and washcloth.
  • A trustier flashlight.
  • Oh, and stash some spending cash for sweet Man Camp gear and goodies from our fantastic vendors. Cash and cards, we’re all set!
What to bring?2023-11-21T13:27:22-06:00

For all except those in the upgraded lodging:

  • Bring all of your bedding for a twin-size mattress, sleeping bag (and pillow)
What about lodging?2023-11-21T13:26:21-06:00
  • Riverbend Lodging rocks dorm-style bunk beds. Each dorm packs multiple private showers and bathrooms.
  • When registering if you selected normal lodging you will be grouped by campus into dorm-style bunk houses.
  • Light sleeper? Need some additional privacy? You can select private or semi-private cabin options during registration (limited availability).
When will it end on Friday night?2023-11-21T13:25:32-06:00
  • The Friday night session wraps up around 10pm. But guess what? We’re rolling into a Late Night bash at the Man Cave. Think food, music, and late-night laughs.
What if I’m solo on this adventure?2023-11-21T13:23:56-06:00
  • Thrilled to have you! Our aim is to connect you with God and fellow men.
  • First-timer? We’ve got your back. Connect with guys from your campus at The Man Cave.
When does Friday Kick-off?2023-11-21T13:21:30-06:00
  • Gotcha covered! Early check-in for Man Camp starts at 3:30pm.
  • Before the main event, don’t miss out on grabbing some sausage, a rib, and a refreshing drink at the Man Cave.
  • The opening session revs up at 7pm in the Worship Center.
  • And for grub, dinner will be sizzling at 6:00 pm on Friday. No need to fill up before you come.
Can I bunk with my buddies even if we stroll in at different times?2023-11-21T13:20:35-06:00
  • We’ve got your back! Cabins are assigned by campus, and the cabin numbers will be handed out during check-in. So, yes, you can bunk with your pals!
Where do I go once I get to Riverbend?2023-11-21T13:19:29-06:00
  • As you pull up to Riverbend, our amazing welcome team will guide you. They’ll point you in the right direction. Once you’re parked, make your way to Check-In & The Man Cave.
Where’s the action unfolding?2023-11-21T13:18:39-06:00
  • We’re taking the adventure to the Riverbend Retreat Center in Glen Rose.
  • Find us at: 1232 County Road 411B, Glen Rose, TX 76043.
  • Need directions? Turn by turn directions, will be provided once registered.
When’s the epic MAN Camp happening?2023-11-21T13:18:08-06:00
  • The excitement kicks off on Friday evening, March 1st (4pm-11:30pm) and continues strong on Saturday, March 2nd (7am-2pm).
  • If you’re eager to get the party started, early check-in starts at 3:30pm on Friday, March 1st.
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