The average American takes less vacation than a medieval peasant. We are TERRIBLE at relaxing. Hey, great job on your work ethic buddy, but seriously, take a frickin’ break. Your body needs it. Your soul needs it. Your family needs it. MAN CAMP is purposefully designed for you to take whatever time you need to do whatever you need to do. Use the time to rest, to exhale, to do something you don’t normally get to do. Take the time to get your head right. Treat yourself. 

Shoot, I need MAN CAMP just as much as the next guy. A weekend with no kids, man food, laughs with friends and connecting with God? Sign me up.


I hear from guys all the time that their first MAN CAMP experience was life-changing. I bet your story is similar. Something came alive in you. You heard from God in a new way. You met a crew of real friends. You walked away invigorated, ready to withstand the pummeling the world gives us. And now, months or years later, you’re worn down again. You wonder if that experience was just an accident. Let me tell you, it wasn’t an accident.

Come to MAN CAMP and get re-energized. Feel the power of a five hundred dudes shout-singing at the top of their lungs. Get encouraged around the campfire by a guy you just met. Go talk to one of those pastor guys, and let him connect you to Jesus. If you’re feeling like you’ve lost some of your fire, let MAN CAMP be the spark that gets it going again.


Every MAN CAMP is different. Sometimes it’s what happens on the outside, like when we gave Jeremy a dodge ball and he nailed a guy in the nuts on accident. Or the time Joey had a dance off with comedian Jason Earls (that’s really going to happen). It’s what happens on the inside, like the time that God wanted to remind us in powerful ways that He is our Father. Or the time God wanted the weekend to be all about freedom. I never know what will happen at MAN CAMP. But I do know that God wants to speak to you. Invest the time in a weekend to hear from him

I’m no doctor. But if I were, I’d recommend a dose of MAN CAMP at least once a year. It’s good for you. It’s good for your family. It’s like Viagra, but for your whole life.

 See you out there!

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