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MARCH 1 & 2, 2024


Man Camp is a place for men to be equipped to be the spiritual leader of their families, a force in their communities, and a warrior for the Kingdom. Join us for 24 hours filled with challenging truths, authentic worship, and real talk about God.
Find your Purpose. Find your People.
Pastor Chris Williams was sent out from StoneWater Church in the summer of 2015 to serve as the Lead Pastor of Fearless Church in Dayton, OH. Chris was at StoneWater for over 7 years in various roles and was part of the very first Man Camp, when just 30 guys met with a vision to reach and equip hundreds. While at StoneWater, God gave Chris a passion to challenge men to step up and into the role to which God has uniquely gifted and called them. Chris has been married to his college sweetheart, Kristell, for over 25 years and they have two adult sons, Christian and Noah. Chris loves hanging out with his family and friends, laughing, watching Fightin’ Texas Aggie football, and exploring places they’ve never been.

Man Camp is designed to encourage men to get away from everyday life, hear Biblical teaching on what it means to be a man of God, to be challenged, to be vulnerable and to hear from the Lord. As a church, we know that men are called to be the spiritual leaders of their homes and our communities. As men are equipped and deployed as disciple-makers, families and communities for generations to come are changed forever.

At Man Camp, we want men to realize that they are not alone in their struggles, and that God brings healing, along with instruction on how to walk out his direction for their life. Man Camp is time where pastors and attendees get real and raw about struggles. It’s also where we are all encouraged and challenged to grow as men.

Each year, we play hard, laugh, make incredible memories and leave with great next steps to grow the Kingdom of God.

In 2009, a group of 40 men were invited to Cabin 9 at Riverbend Retreat Center for a 24-hour experience that would change their lives. These men knew they were gathering to learn from pastors and church leaders on how to be the spiritual leaders of their family and warriors for the Kingdom. What they didn’t know, is this first Man Camp would be the catalyst for 14 more years of Man Camp events impacting over 4,000 men and counting.
Man Camp has been held at Riverbend Retreat Center and Glen Lake Camp & Retreat Center in Glen Rose, TX. Man Camp may have started with a small group at the first event, but today, over 700 men gather each year to be equipped and deployed to grow the Kingdom.
Through the years, numerous speakers, topics and crazy events have impacted the men of StoneWater Church and partner churches wanting to launch their own Man Camp event. You could expect anything from dodgeball, to skit characters, to launching eggs lit on fire and everything in between. Men laugh, develop lasting relationships, pull hamstrings and cover every topic you could imagine. Nothing is off limits when it comes to growing as men, and no one leaves without being challenged by both leaders, and Jesus. Man Camp is known for being a real and raw environment where men do business with the Lord and leave changed for the better.


Last year I came to Man Camp with a very heavy heart and shame from my life.  After a short conversation with a brother, I realized that Jesus had paid for that sin and that I am truly forgiven.

Tony C.

Man Camp introduced me to Stonewater and the ReGeneration ministry.  God used these to recreate me as the man He wanted me to be.  I have overcome years of trauma and anger and learned to live in peace as the husband, father, and disciple I was meant to be.

James D.

My first Man Camp I was convicted to be a better follower of Christ and a better husband, father and grandfather.  The next year I walked away knowing my next step was to be a better leader, disciple, and servant.  Every year God opens new doors and I wouldn’t miss 2024 for anything!

Barney B.

At Man Camp, God lifted a darkness from me that I was blinded by for so long from so many horrors in my life.  I learned to remember that God still loves me and I love Him and that he has a plan for me and my family.

Troy S.

This year at Man Camp, the Holy Spirit reiterated to me how important it is to surround ourselves with those chasing after God’s own heart.  As a result, I have been able to forgive, restore, maintain, and start strong relationships meaningful to my own growth.

Bernard S.

Man Camp has taught me to lead my family the way God has created me to do.  God showed me to always have the courage to be who he created me to be, and not shy away from adventure.  ABOE!

Jon R.

Last year at Man Camp I saw the power of God working in a group of men like I’ve never seen before.  I saw men devote their lives to walking in faith and leading their family. Being moved like this is unmatched and something that every man should experience.

David C.

During the evening session of worship I scanned the room to watch hundreds of men worshiping authentically in that moment.  No embarrassment, no reluctance, just being truly godly men.  I told myself in that moment that I will never hesitate to let everyone know about my faith until the day I meet the Lord.

Russ S.

Last year at Man Camp I found out what God can do through 900+ men gathered together in His name.  I saw the power of the Holy Spirit moving through worship.  I saw leaders with servant hearts who encouraged us to push forth with Christ-like fervor.

Chris D.

Man Camp was a time for me where I was able to stop and silence all the noise of everyday life.  God moved in me and I was able to gain clarity in the Word and truly understand what it means to lead my family in a Godly and authentic way.

Michael J.

My first Man Camp was a great experience!  The food and fellowship was second to none, but most importantly, our spiritual exercises really helped me refocus on faith and my role as a husband and father.

Ryan K.


1ST TIMER BIBLE: Every man attending Man Camp for the first time will receive an ESV Study Bible to help them deepen their walk with the Lord. If you’ve been before, you know this time together is incredibly impactful. Give the gift of God’s Word to another man as he continues to chase after God.

REGISTRATION: Give the gift of attending Man Camp! Many men would love to attend but might be held back by financial ability. Bless another man by covering his cost to attend Man Camp!

HOUSING: Staying onsite is such an added bonus to the Man Camp experience. Bless another man with the ability to stay on site rather than commute to Man Camp.

When’s the epic MAN Camp happening?2023-11-21T13:18:08-06:00
  • The excitement kicks off on Friday evening, March 1st (4pm-11:30pm) and continues strong on Saturday, March 2nd (7am-2pm).
  • If you’re eager to get the party started, early check-in starts at 3:30pm on Friday, March 1st.
Where’s the action unfolding?2023-11-21T13:18:39-06:00
  • We’re taking the adventure to the Riverbend Retreat Center in Glen Rose.
  • Find us at: 1232 County Road 411B, Glen Rose, TX 76043.
  • Need directions? Turn by turn directions, will be provided once registered.
Where do I go once I get to Riverbend?2023-11-21T13:19:29-06:00
  • As you pull up to Riverbend, our amazing welcome team will guide you. They’ll point you in the right direction. Once you’re parked, make your way to Check-In & The Man Cave.
Can I bunk with my buddies even if we stroll in at different times?2023-11-21T13:20:35-06:00
  • We’ve got your back! Cabins are assigned by campus, and the cabin numbers will be handed out during check-in. So, yes, you can bunk with your pals!
When does Friday Kick-off?2023-11-21T13:21:30-06:00
  • Gotcha covered! Early check-in for Man Camp starts at 3:30pm.
  • Before the main event, don’t miss out on grabbing some sausage, a rib, and a refreshing drink at the Man Cave.
  • The opening session revs up at 7pm in the Worship Center.
  • And for grub, dinner will be sizzling at 6:00 pm on Friday. No need to fill up before you come.
What if I’m solo on this adventure?2023-11-21T13:23:56-06:00
  • Thrilled to have you! Our aim is to connect you with God and fellow men.
  • First-timer? We’ve got your back. Connect with guys from your campus at The Man Cave.
When will it end on Friday night?2023-11-21T13:25:32-06:00
  • The Friday night session wraps up around 10pm. But guess what? We’re rolling into a Late Night bash at the Man Cave. Think food, music, and late-night laughs.
What about lodging?2023-11-21T13:26:21-06:00
  • Riverbend Lodging rocks dorm-style bunk beds. Each dorm packs multiple private showers and bathrooms.
  • When registering if you selected normal lodging you will be grouped by campus into dorm-style bunk houses.
  • Light sleeper? Need some additional privacy? You can select private or semi-private cabin options during registration (limited availability).
What to bring?2023-11-21T13:27:22-06:00

For all except those in the upgraded lodging:

  • Bring all of your bedding for a twin-size mattress, sleeping bag (and pillow)
Everyone, remember to pack:2023-11-21T13:27:57-06:00
  • Your trusty toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste – you know the drill).
  • A trusty towel and washcloth.
  • A trustier flashlight.
  • Oh, and stash some spending cash for sweet Man Camp gear and goodies from our fantastic vendors. Cash and cards, we’re all set!
Dress Code?2023-11-21T13:28:33-06:00
  • We’re all about comfort and “StoneWater Style.” Wear whatever makes you feel at home.
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