1. What does it mean to be in a covenant marriage? Oneness starts with a covenant. How is a covenant different than a contract?

2. Pastor Jeremy said that we are to look to our spouse as God sees the church. How does God view the church, or the family of believers? What has He done, and is doing for the church? Does your marriage do the same for one another?

3. Oneness is not sameness. How are you different than your spouse in the areas discussed in service (finances, family, communication, family, parenting, etc.). How should you understand and celebrate those differences, instead of responding out of pride (my way is best)?

4. What are the things those in your group can do to best fight and protect your marriage? If not in a group, what steps can you take to join a group or find your people?


1.  Find a place with no distractions and discuss the following questions. 

2.  Describe 3 valuable characteristics that your spouse brings to your marriage.

3.  Describe a time this past year when you felt truly one in your marriage.

4.  What does your spouse do that makes you feel one?

5.  Where do you think your marriage is vulnerable to a oneness attack?

6.  What are some ways that you can counter the attacks on oneness in your marriage?

7.  Hold hands and pray for God to guide you to a great place of oneness.