Going Deeper sermon questions

1. Pastor Jeremy and Misti spoke of the difference between a contractual marriage and a covenant marriage. What are some covenants God made to the people of the Bible? How did He keep the covenants? Does He always?

2. If you and your spouse have talked through the oneness challenge for this week, what is something you can share with others about lies that you have believed about your spouse? How did your spouse dispel those lies and affirm the truth? How can you encourage others around you to affirm truth in you as well?

3. There were 5 areas to focus on to protect oneness in your marriage. Of the 5, what have you and your spouse decided to focus on first? Share this with others, and discuss how you might take steps in this direction? Look for insights from others as well. (Make a COVENANT Marriage, Maintain Intimacy, Manage Your Mind, Monitor Media, Minimize Temptations)

Oneness Challenge:

  1. Sit on the couch or go for a walk and share with your spouse 3 things that you find interesting about them.
  2. Discuss 3 ways that you can demonstrate a Covenant Marriage to the world.
  3. Share with your spouse a lie that you believe and when that lie often pops into your mind?
  4. Each spouse speak to the lie the other spouse is believing with truth. Encourage them with truth and love.
  5. What mess have you walked through in marriage that you can now praise God for victory?
  6. Both of you end by thanking God for and blessing your spouse in prayer.