The Resurrection/The Exchange

John 20:1-21:15

Jesus had been buried for three days and the disciples were in mourning. What were they to do now? Their hopes of a king had all but diminished. Then Sunday morning came, and the great exchange had taken place. Jesus had risen from the grave! He was alive and darkness, evil, and death had been defeated. Jesus revealed himself as the resurrected King. He explained that he must go back to the Father so the Holy Spirit could come, to empower his followers to share the gospel with the world. Today, the message of the resurrection has been told all across the world. The question that each of us have to answer is: do you believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, and have you put Him first in your life?

  1. Who is the first to find Jesus had risen from the grave? John 20:1, Luke 24:1, Mark 16:1, Matthew 28:1 Discuss the different accounts.
  2. John tells us that Peter ran to the tomb to see where Jesus was. Why is this important and how does this challenge you to be more bold for Jesus? John 20:3-9
  3. What was the first reaction the disciples had after finding out about the resurrection of Jesus? John 20:19 What changed their direction and how does this encourage you? John 20:20-23
  4. Thomas did not believe that Jesus had risen from the dead, so Jesus allowed him to touch his side. Then Thomas believed. What did Jesus say about future believers and how does this pertain to us today? John 20:26-29
  5. John tells us what the most important reason was for writing the gospel. What does John say about this and what stands out as to why? John 20:30-31