From the outside looking in, it seemed they had it all together. But about seven years in, Kisha had an affair. When it came to light, Rick was ready to walk away and never look back. He soon realized that the reason Kisha was looking for attention elsewhere was because he wasn’t giving her any. He was not being the spiritual leader, nor the man he was designed to be. Looking back, Rick saw how God began working even when they hadn’t invited him into their lives yet.

But even in victory, sin didn’t just vanish. They still needed others around them to process the affair, to encourage them, and to whom they could confess. They were both willing to do whatever it took to earn back trust: sharing phone passwords, sharing where they would be at all times, keeping nothing off limits. They learned to confess not just the big things, but the small things­, too. Rick met Kisha with grace, compassion, love, and acceptance. And it changed both of them—forever, redefining forgiveneness for both of them.

Now, they share a passion for oneness and righteousness. They fight—day in and day out—for the marriage they’ve worked so hard for. Through their time in re|engage, they were able to learn what God’s grace looks like in a very real way—that the goal was not to avoid stumbling, but to walk in transparency, intimacy, and oneness.