GDeception, lies, expectations of perfection, withdrawal, and keeping up appearances – the first eight years of our marriage were harmonious despite the huge disconnect we weren’t willing to admit, let alone address. In His infinite love and desire to bring light to all the dark corners of our lives, the Lord exposed all we were hiding. We were brought to our knees in surrender, discovering only by inviting Jesus into EVERY area of our hearts would we be able to move forward. Together.

Through StoneWater, we received unconditional care and had others willing to take time to listen and hear all our faults and all our hurts – without judgment. Every impulse to run or hide from the truth was met with compassion, understanding, and love. We had accountability and people walking us through what a biblical, Godly marriage actually looked like. And things changed. Now, three years later, we still have conflict, but we work for understanding; striving to believe the best of each other. We can’t imagine the heartache that would’ve ensued had we selfishly continued down our original path. With four small daughters we had a lot at stake. But, PRAISE! Only through the power of God’s word, God’s spirit, and God’s people, what was meant to destroy us, brought healing and reconciliation.