Group Questions: First and Best—Week 2
Big Idea: What I do with my money, exposes what’s first in my heart.
1. Start by sharing something silly that you have purchased this year that reveals a little of your heart.
2. Read Matthew 6:19-24, and share what challenges you.
3. What are some examples of treasure in heaven and earthly treasures?
4. How can possessions possess someone?
5. Explain the ladder illustration used in the message, and try to add to it.
6. Read Mark 10:17-27, what kept the rich man from jumping ladders?
7. Time to be real, share of a time when you found yourself on the wrong ladder?
8. As you looked back at your spending from this past year, what does it reveal about your heart? What are
the top three places that you spend money?
9. What scares you about putting God first and best in your finances? What excites you?
10. How can this group help you not to wander and to remember that there is a war going on for your heart
and that God wants to be first and best?