1. Pastor Mike outlined some scriptures that he noted that he wasn’t fond of and are difficult for us to understand (see below for examples).  From this list of portions of scripture which ones are most difficult for you personally?

Statements I’m not fond of:

·        Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute

·        If you get hit in the face because of your faith, let them hit you again

·        Give to those who unfairly demand of you (clothes or time)

·        Go a second mile even though you are only obligated to go one

·        You’re blessed when you’re persecuted

·        If you want a great life, you must be the servant/slave of all

2) It was stated that there are 3 steps (give up, take up and get going) that we can take to stay connected to Him (Jesus) regardless.  With that in mind:

How do we Give up and Take up what Jesus said to Give up and Take up, so we keep going regardless?

3) There were 5 ways to be washed in the word of God that are listed below.  How are you applying each of these to your life?

·        Read it daily

·        Memorize it regularly

·        Study it consistently

·        Meditate on it constantly

·        Practice it faithfully

4) With our lives being washed in the word of God, how is your being washed effecting those around you?  Is there someone in particular that you are impacting?  Likewise, is there someone that is impacting you?

5) Are you connected in community within the church body?  If not, what is holding you back?