The Helper- Part 1

John 14:15- 15:25

In this late evening discourse, Jesus reminded his disciples that love demands obedience. He then told his disciples that he was not leaving them alone in the world. He would ask the Father for the Counselor- the Spirit of Truth- to come and comfort them and lead them in all truth. In John 15, Jesus spoke about the importance of remaining in him. The victory of remaining in him is that we will bear much fruit- fruit that will last! Jesus continued to speak about the Holy Spirit and explain even more in Part 2 of The Helper.

  1. In John 14:15-24, Jesus said that love is what holds together the relationship between Jesus and the Father. What does it mean to love God?
  2. Jesus makes a promise to His disciples that will empower them to fulfill their callings. John 14:25-27- Who is that promise and how do people receive that promise today?
  3. How does the Holy Spirit operate today in our lives as disciples of Christ? -See Romans 5:1-5
  4. What does remain in Him mean to you and how does that play out today in your life? -John 15:1-15
  5. In John 15:18-25, Jesus tells his disciples that the world will hate them because the world hated him. As believers, how can we continue to love Jesus and live in the world around us?