The Helper- Part 2

John 15:25- 16:33

Once Jesus has revealed the coming of the Holy Spirit, he began to explain how the Holy Spirit would operate. Jesus reminded his disciples that following him would become difficult in the days to come and there would be those who would persecute them. But in the midst of this, Jesus reminded them of the Holy Spirit’s presence in their lives and the comfort he would bring. Then Jesus ended this dialogue with a promise: the promise that there will be trouble, but he has overcome the world!

  1. Jesus tells his disciples that he is going away. Who does Jesus tell them is coming to take his place? What is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit? -John 16:5-11
  2. Jesus gives his disciples the promise that his departure will bring a direct benefit, what is that benefit? – John 16:13 How does that affect us today as believers?
  3. What does Jesus tell about the Holy Spirit’s job when he comes? -John 16:8-11 What are some ways that you see the Holy Spirit working today in the world?
  4. Jesus makes two promises to those who have a relationship with him: 1) the joy of understanding (16:22); 2) the power of prayer (16:24). What does Jesus say are the results of these two promises? How does that encourage you today?
  5. Ask God to show you the power and work of the Holy Spirit in your life. Are you allowing the Holy Spirit to work in your life?
  6. How do you see the Holy Spirit at work in the world around you?