February 24, 2019

John 11: 45-12:11

Jesus’s ministry had become well known among the Jewish people and many were putting their faith in him. The leaders of the Jews (the Sanhedrin) were more concerned about putting themselves and their status than believing in Jesus. When his public ministry ended, the events of the next few days put Jesus on a course to His crucifixion. The passover week was about to begin and Jesus arrived at the house of Lazarus where Mary anointed him with lard. These events revealed the worth and beauty of Jesus, but also revealed the true nature of Judas Iscariot. these events were the backdrop to the last week of Jesus’s life. In the midst of this, many came and put their faith in Him.

  1. Why did the Sanhedrin dislike Jesus so much and how can we guard ourselves from becoming like them? (John 11:45-48)
  2. What is important abut Jesus withdrawing from the crowds? Are there times in our lives today that we should withdraw? (John 11:54)
  3. What had changed about Jesus’ ministry? Discuss the mission that Jesus was on. (John 11:57)
  4. What do you think about Mary anointing Jesus with expensive oil? Discuss what this experience revealed about Judas. (John 12:3-8)
  5. How do these events point to the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and what kind of hope does it give each of us?