The King’s Family (Week One)

This is the first week of our sermon series titled “The King’s Family”.  This first message that Pastor Jeremy brought is filled with significant foundational truths for this series.  Taking that into account, we would encourage to go back and listen to the message again to grasp these foundational truths and then process through the three questions below.

1 – If Jesus is my King, then He has ultimate authority in my life.  Does King Jesus have full authority in your life?  In all aspects of your life or is there a portion that you are holding onto?

2 – If Jesus is my King, then this world is not my home.  Do you live as though this world is not your home?

3 – If Jesus is my King, then I belong to “the King’s family”.  Do you live in a way that honors your Royal Family?

Are You Kidding Me (Week 1)

This is the first week of our sermon series titled “Are you kidding me”.  When you think back, are there a couple of situations where God has shown up in a big way to see you through where it left you saying “are you kidding me” – God did that for me?

Pastor Jeremy outlined 6 things that Jesus did after the resurrection.  Look through each of these accounts and discuss your thoughts on each.

1 – appeared to women (Matthew 28:1-10)

2 – appeared to his disciples (Luke 24:36-48)

3 – appeared to Thomas (John 20:24-29)

4 – restored Peter (John 21)

5 – commissioned his disciples (Matthew 28:16-20)

6 – ascended to heaven (Mark 16:19)

Of the 6 things noted above, what do you feel is the most “are you kidding me” on the list?  Why?

Do you fully know and understand that God has a purpose for you today?  What are some of those purposes that God has called you to?

I am with Jesus (Easter Sunday)

What in your life is broken that does not need to stay broken?

The big idea from his week’s message is that I am with Jesus in LIFE.

The word LIFE was used as an acronym as follows:

L – living not just existing

I – in relationship with Jesus

F – Freedom from brokenness

E – Eternal home

From the four letters in the acronym, which one can you currently relate to the most?  Is there one that you struggle with?

Did Jesus die for everyone? (1 John 2:1-2, John 3:16)

Have you placed your faith in Jesus?  Can you confidently say that “I am with Jesus”?

If you recently started your walk with Jesus, have you considered baptism? 

I am with Jesus (week 6)

This week’s big idea is that we experience joy when we are with Jesus.  What is your joy level (percentage)?

Explain the difference between joy and happiness?

The three main points of this message were that JOY can be experienced in all situations, JOY is refined under pressure and JOY is awakened when victory is realized through loss.  From these three main points, is there one that you currently identify with?  Explain what that is and why.

How does joy come from hardships? 

What are some of the things that tend to steal your joy (joy robbers)?

Stick with Jesus, walk with Jesus and experience JOY. How is your JOY and how near are you to Jesus?

I am with Jesus (week 4)

Pastor Randy made the statement; “In the plan of God, He wants to take you to that place where you have to say that this is all I can stand and I can’t stand no more”.  Why do you think God takes us or allows us to get to that point?

Do you have a situation in your life currently where you “can’t stand no more”?  If so, then process through it with the understanding that as long as you are with Jesus then you will make it.

What is your initial response when faced with high demand and little resource?

John 6 tells the story of the young boy who willing gave what he had to feed the multitudes.  How does that relate to your life?  Do you live a generous lifestyle?  If not, then what holds you back from that?

The biggest question of the day; are you really with Jesus?  Have you experienced His grace and His love?  If not, then what is holding you back from that?  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to a Christian friend or StoneWater church and have them guide you through what it means to say “I am with Jesus”.

I am With Jesus (week 3)

  1. Pastor Mike outlined some scriptures that he noted that he wasn’t fond of and are difficult for us to understand (see below for examples).  From this list of portions of scripture which ones are most difficult for you personally?

Statements I’m not fond of:

·        Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute

·        If you get hit in the face because of your faith, let them hit you again

·        Give to those who unfairly demand of you (clothes or time)

·        Go a second mile even though you are only obligated to go one

·        You’re blessed when you’re persecuted

·        If you want a great life, you must be the servant/slave of all

2) It was stated that there are 3 steps (give up, take up and get going) that we can take to stay connected to Him (Jesus) regardless.  With that in mind:

How do we Give up and Take up what Jesus said to Give up and Take up, so we keep going regardless?

3) There were 5 ways to be washed in the word of God that are listed below.  How are you applying each of these to your life?

·        Read it daily

·        Memorize it regularly

·        Study it consistently

·        Meditate on it constantly

·        Practice it faithfully

4) With our lives being washed in the word of God, how is your being washed effecting those around you?  Is there someone in particular that you are impacting?  Likewise, is there someone that is impacting you?

5) Are you connected in community within the church body?  If not, what is holding you back?

I am with Jesus (Week 2)

1 – What are the three things that need to change for true repentance?

  • Mind’s attention
  • Heart’s affection
  • Life’s direction

2 – What is the one thing that God wants you to repent from?

3 – What is your test score when tempted?

  • How obedient are you in the face of temptation?

4 – What area of your life do you need to be with Jesus in obedience?

  • Starts with repentance
  • Symbolized in baptism
  • Demonstrated by Jesus

5 – What is my next step in obedience to God?

I am With Jesus (Week 1)

1.  Pastor Joey listed 7 problem areas that people face that sometimes causes them to turn away from following Jesus. 

Have you struggled with one of these? How did you overcome it? 


1. DEATH of a spouse, child, parent, or friend. 
2. DIVORCE because of an affair or because I fell out of love.  
3. DREAMS are lost. Lost job, lost my business, lost hope for future. 
4. DISEASE- Cancer diagnosis.  Chronic pain.  Trauma or Accident.  
5. DAMAGED- Relationships, abuse, abandonment, betrayal. 
6. DESERTED by God, spouse, dad, mom, or friends. 
7. DESTINY- I am not where I want to be in this stage of my life.    

2. Read John 6:22-71. The crowd of disciples were offended by Jesus’ teaching and they left. 

 I’m with Jesus UNTIL I am offended.   

John 6:61 (NLT) Jesus was aware that his disciples were complaining, so he said to them, “Does this offend you? 

John 6:66-67 (NLT) At this point many of his disciples turned away and deserted him. Then Jesus turned to the Twelve and asked, “Are you also going to leave?”

John 6:68-69 (NLT) Simon Peter replied, “Lord, to whom would we go? You have the words that give eternal life.  We believe, and we know you are the Holy One of God.”

3. Pastor Joey used an illustration about making allowance for other people’s faults. He used a money jar showing how much God has forgiven us and how we should be prepared to forgive others. 

Why is it difficult to forgive? Are you struggling to forgive anyone? Are you offended at God? 

Colossians 3:13 (NLT) Make allowance for each other’s faults, and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others.

4. Pastor Joey concludes by giving people a time to forgive people and to once and for all restore your relationship back to God if you have been offended at Him. 

Explain what was going on with you. How would life be better if you could forgive and be restored to God?

1+1=1 Marriage Math (week 3)

Crave out some time today and work on oneness by answering these questions as a couple.

  1. How does your marriage tell God’s story and God’s glory?
  2. How have you seen this world promote a marriage contract over a marriage covenant?
  3. What is one thing that you could do to maintain intimacy in your marriage?
  4. What is a lie that you catch yourself believing in your marriage?
  5. What is one thing broken in your life that you need to move towards healing that will in turn help oneness in your marriage?

1+1=1 Marriage Math (Week 4)

Going Deeper sermon questions

1. Pastor Jeremy and Misti spoke of the difference between a contractual marriage and a covenant marriage. What are some covenants God made to the people of the Bible? How did He keep the covenants? Does He always?

2. If you and your spouse have talked through the oneness challenge for this week, what is something you can share with others about lies that you have believed about your spouse? How did your spouse dispel those lies and affirm the truth? How can you encourage others around you to affirm truth in you as well?

3. There were 5 areas to focus on to protect oneness in your marriage. Of the 5, what have you and your spouse decided to focus on first? Share this with others, and discuss how you might take steps in this direction? Look for insights from others as well. (Make a COVENANT Marriage, Maintain Intimacy, Manage Your Mind, Monitor Media, Minimize Temptations)

Oneness Challenge:

  1. Sit on the couch or go for a walk and share with your spouse 3 things that you find interesting about them.
  2. Discuss 3 ways that you can demonstrate a Covenant Marriage to the world.
  3. Share with your spouse a lie that you believe and when that lie often pops into your mind?
  4. Each spouse speak to the lie the other spouse is believing with truth. Encourage them with truth and love.
  5. What mess have you walked through in marriage that you can now praise God for victory?
  6. Both of you end by thanking God for and blessing your spouse in prayer.